Building Dope & Dank

Beny and I have been building Dope & Dank before we even realized it was Dope & Dank. This Blog will be intended to give all of you context on the history of this journey, context about our mission and a guide for all of us.  This is not intended to be the end-all-be-all of diversity in Craft Beer, simply a point of reference.  Diversity in the independent beer business is necessary...period. All of the qualities found in the craft community are amazing and worth sharing with all communities, not just communities that recognize it. It's far more simple to recognize things that are familiar or that you've been previously exposed to. Our goal at Dope & Dank is not to only expose people of color to craft beer, but to also expose craft beer to Black and Brown culture. The culture of Latin/Mexican, Brown and Black Americans is more than just the hottest rap song or gold chain. These cultures are rich with tradition, beauty and flavor. It's time for these communities of Black and Brown people to have their palates contribute to the ever evolving time capsule that is craft beer.

Let us show you how!


Teo Hunter


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  • I couldn’t agree more with everything this movement espouses. I would like to purchase merchandise, and additional lend support if I can. I live in Indiana, however.


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