For generations, the culture of authenticity, cool and DOPE has been woven into the narrative of the absolute worst beer options on the face of the earth without context or curation.

Rather than the story of beer and people-of-color being crafted by the community, it has traditionally been created by advertisers and agencies that do not have the best interest of black and brown people in mind.  Sadly, many of us justify our dollars being exported out of the community just because of a catchy commercial or a famous spokesperson saying it was “Cool” to do so.

We have been told that if you want to have a great time drinking beer while listening to jazz, hip-hop, punk, etc., that you should drink mass produced cheap beer rather than something premium that speaks to the creativity of this community of global influencers.  We’re better than this family!

Creatives have always taken pride in supporting one another and sharing what they love as an extension of the creative community. 

It is in the spirit, the DOPE & DANK family compels all beer drinkers to support local craft beer and rebuke cheap mass produced "pig-trough" beverages. In addition, DOPE & DANK champions diversity within the craft beer industry so that our breweries look as diverse as the communities they reside in.

We support our favorite local brewer just as we support our favorite local rapper who has yet to hit the charts.  We establish community around our local breweries to keep our dollars and our focus on the community narrative honest and true to the people. If breweries deviate or attempt to leverage the community of Black and Brown culture for profit, it is imperative that we establish and maintain a healthy dialogue for continued equitable support within this narrative. 

We support a new lifestyle in craft beer that celebrates dope culture and diversity without feeling the need to assimilate to what has always been or one another. 

We feel that art and anything that involves craftsmanship should be reflective of the times and the evolution of that craft.  DOPE & DANK is the voice of that evolution within the craft beer community.

We will no longer support the rhetoric of the culture of "DOPE"  being muddled with horrible beer. We will not support alcohol abuse, sexism, hyper-masculinity, racism, classism or businesses that looks to simply profit off of Black and Brown culture. We ask that you take a closer look at the the beer industry as a whole and ask more questions about how they leverage culture to promote their businesses.

To this we say “DEATH TO THE 40 OUNCE” and sub-standard options. We breath life into a community that supports one another and choses to brew masterpieces that are reflective of the personality and the palate of a diverse community...for the community and created by the community. Life to local craft beer. Life to dope culture. Life to the DOPE & DANK movement!

Cheers!....and let us show you how!




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